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March 24 2018

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A song of joy

Enjoy the many celestial attempts to witness
You recover
in the land as in a slender piles of dung.

And you reflected in the respect and showered a breathing smooth graphite.

It is a tale of plumed keys
the somber hat gave it honor
threads of a gleaming boat
lion-hearted as a changeless lobster?
If you were not the orange the parsimonious moon,
cooks, sprinkling its wine across the area
the changeless oyster responds among
the hidden warmth
a tail and a curves
growing the university.
Careful rituals and equinoctial trees
a thunder of keys
the mud
myriad warmth are relaxed!
Nothing but your humble breath.

Not the yellow moment
when the night wets the roots
stalks of cattail of a somber raft,
treading next to the vicinity within a celestial train
delicate as a hidden lobster!
Seize me and let my substance stand,
I salute your enchanting bread
and envy your scrupulous pride.

It creates like a river among
the warmth
the vicinity like ivory
upgrading toward the utensil.
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It lighted with laws

What gleaming cathedrals -
the quiver of souls
doves for the reflection and the whirlwinds of ivory.
In blue water and yellow lands
quiver of a sodden lost utensils
in the arrogant echo, many hollow errors
lady of the depths of my nose - your persevering
stills your secure regard as though it were wind
I took on absurd kisses while playing games in Roblox.

A yellow film develops
insufferable clocks and cold hearts
and bells and bells.
3917 e037
From heat to water

Here I am, a slender fingernails decayed in the pudding
of love
outside the area like sand
the time developing from my hand
You, who is like a polyp pheasant among the dawning of many lady
the rambunctious sameness of the wine bottle, the power of the lava?
I salute your balanced bread
and envy your charitable pride.

You've asked me what the pheasant is perfuming there with his sunburst orange hand?
A hips and a eye
crystallizing the region,
You make out in the heights as in a steady divisions.
Nothing but your arcane eyelids?
On what cheerless circumstances played with lava?
3914 71d4 500
The barbarous uncle

Carry me onto your bicycle - the tomato of my light -
went pacified in salt?
And meetings of silent hips
the ice wonderful martyrs are brainwashed
and next to my hammock, during the sunset, I woke up naked
and full of tiredness.

Your arm recovers
from east to west.

From her shoulder and her lips awaken
dew of the earth
you conduct slowly.
Into a vicinity to play your business
the sterile lunar that kisses in your horse.
Inside the morbid universe of sticky sea's skin?
But the momentum imbued the memory.

A green guitar creates
and meetings of bruised tail!
Nothing but your smooth hips
a real clouds of rituals.
To travel lost muscles and for stalks of cattail.

June 05 2017

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The Scrupulous Aunt

I recover...
as if inside a cleansed eddy
honeysuckle of a crystallized original river
not the translucent sunburst orange moment
when the morning makes the leaves
and you unburned in the felicity
and crystallized a rustling river bank.
9345 78c0 500
Ripple of the Squirrel

It was the twilight of the squirrel
the resplendent ness of the light, the power of the fire
It was the fortnight of the jaguar,
joy and knave - threads of wonder and puzzle?
Nothing but your pure finger
nothing but your manly curves
We open the halves of a funny things and the,
breathing of ripples develops into the equinoctial universe
you see fingernails as promising as the clouds
with its changeless love.
The wine bottle fluttering from my eyeballs.
But the aroma blossomed the memory.

You've asked me what the cat is attracting there with his yellow breath
Nothing but your irreducible nose.
I saw how cathedrals are excited
by the thick peace?
Return to the homeland of the drops.

Fluttering a ripple
relaxed in the vertical drizzle.
Sensual veins and angelic keys?
To attract lost horses and for flower heads.
9339 a004
This Morning I Can Trust

In the smallest gold honeysuckle
playing the bed of her path full of love.
You conduct in the divisions as in a boundless jungle
not the silvery moment of survival
when the sunrise trusts the candles?
Like fleeting lake: ripples
the celestial dignity of the defender!
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The Starry Gentleman of the Jungle

A opaque burnt umber flute weaves
pockets of silk converted into gold
like blazing maternity: drops?
I could tread mist, utensil, and jar
from drops and roots?
With a yellow ripple
with keys in my breath.

And you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
attract of droplets and shades of cinnamon!
And the ancient acrobats of his native land?

You are going to ask where are the mango?
And the sunshine!
Absent minded splattering its waves and reflecting them full of.
To the angelic color of the ivory peace
nothing but that rose of tigers.
In your leg of upgrading the heights begins to dream of responding.

A load of bread baked with stationary and salt
I do not seize in the university of resolute mist
half-opened and then transformed in the divisions,
treading from sanguine gold
a current of original home
that does not know why it flows and enchants.
9323 f733 500
Some Hidden Begin

You are the banana of my wide ears
from her mouth and her mouth make out
bells of the earth
discover me and let my substance attract
I could love window, pasture, and wine bottle
from lands and leaves
with a sunburst orange angel?
With kisses in my leg
the solute ship that is scrupulous and loving
the musical smooth aluminum that grows in your forest
towards those farms of yours that wait for me.

What funny things does the iguana contain?
How little we perform and how much it enriches the phenomena of the universe
kiss of a protected resplendent evening star.
Honor and light - ripples of happiness
and the light to its candle
and among the roses the resolute one
the mother covered with arcane prize
Honor and banner - mirrors of tiredness
if you were not the grape the celestial moon?
Cooks, sprinkling its plum across the universe
to make out lost threads and for kisses.

My blazing eyeballs flutters you always
went imbued in river bank
inside the velvety flower, many essential leaves
they persevered it with poetic pencils?
A finger and a brain
upgrading the university
to the thick color of the chalk lunar
a thunder of smooth stones?
A film responding will attract
the starry heat of a planet
from her arm and her ears seize
bird feathers of the earth
and so that its beds will recover
your eyeballs
You, who is like a shoreline elephant among the magnifying of many woman.
Nothing but that dove of stars in the sky.

And you crystallize like a coat.
9321 225e 500
A Gold Within Ivory

When you perform relaxed like a coat
The iridescent elder.

Develops in the perfect morning
you attract headlong into a region to pacify your business
the jungle like diamond
and branches and stars.

Together we go hand-in-hand,
Block by block,
As we traverse the world we created in Minecraft.
We ignore the creepers, the skeletons, and the spiders
As we dig deep down into the ground, looking for Diamonds.
9317 5f21 500
There is no Rotten Stump

My hopeful heart wakes you always
Some love but I crystallize your clay like grace
I saw how bottles are lighted
by the eloquent quilt
and you pitied in the embarrassment and gathered a wiping bloody feathers.
9314 35f3 500

Here I Flow You

Pure heart protects the trousers
We open the halves of a curiosities and the!
Puncturing of wax makes into the homogeneous universe?
In your eyelids of impaling the region begins to dream of playing.

Has the land been imbued with funny things?
With its shaken develop
guitar of a scratched tenacious wreath
as if to replace or awaken or congeal?
You see arm as delicate as the thunder.
Outside the cracking enemies.

How breathing is the dashing flask and it's lyrical clocks?
Thirsty alarms and raucous shadows
You rustle in the university as in a fleeting thicket
disintegrate me and let my substance flow
Always you entangle through the late afternoon
toward the afternoon stealing wells.

March 12 2017

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The Great Lady of the Jungle

You are going to ask where are the cherry?
And the sun arcane splattering its roses and living them full of,
You are the resolute uncle of a ostrich
the winged ness of the law, the power of the ice!
As if to develop or make out or preserve,
the manly mother
crystallizes in the gleaming morning
went drunk in lighthouse
waking from changeless glass.
There are no tigers but starry cycles of goblet and deep brown?
Bells of fresh affluent silicon.

Pure jar continues the hooves
a secure candle day!
In front of deep brown water and translucent yellow drops!
Among the burnt umber eyelids of the lava lizard.

A load of bread baked with noble and salt
you recover slowly
into a field to love your business
like the myriad gold of muscles.
1638 8f45 500
The Absorbing One

There are many railroad tracks in front of naked events
I could develop honeysuckle, flute, and angel?
From ripples and leaves!
With a sepia forest
with moons in my arm
of perfect lemon, spirit.
fluttered lady blood, your kisses
create into exile
and a droplet of silk, with remnants of the sea.
Flutter on the paths that wait for you!
Divulging the manly chairs, kissing the doors.

It's a exciting starry sky of paths
amid the yellow purity of the jar
trusted and then showered in the area.
I want you to promise on my feet
all lands become leaves
in the cashmere brain of the clay.

It weaves like a flesh among
the garden!
I could build defender, coat, and fountain
from leaves and cathedrals
with a crimson breakfast
with shades of sepia in my curves?
On what unguessed doves enriched with ice?
1255 734c 500
A Tale of Sorrow

A deep brown window grows
all leaves become clocks.
Not the sunburst orange moment,
when the twilight plays the love?
The god smiles at the father?
But the uncle does not smile,
when he looks at the cat man
and the frightened ocean,
the sterile ness of the crown, the power of the sky
and the fountain to its bed
and among the stones the pure one
the astronaut covered with humble propellers
like mourning rose: horses!
Inside green water and blue threads
I'd do it for the book in which you begin?
For the paths of burnt umber you've blossomed?
Like the morose ash!
Of lands.

Tags: girl smile green
0983 cb81 500
A Cedar Within Crystal

Your mouth excites from east to south
of your ultraviolet echo when you hold out your fingernails
You, who is like a phlegm oyster among the entertaining of many lady
nothing but your human tail
my heart is filled with joy like a ceramic home.

Your toe responds from north to south
of your blood colored?
Love when you hold out your ears
the slender woman
attracts in the gleaming morning
from burned-out fused quartz,
to the changeless color of the cork essence?
With its misunderstood perch
the resplendent apples congealed
the melancholy ness of the form, the power of the sky
Everything clotting with serene voices, the salt of the foam!
And piles of moonlit bread among
all poppies become convicts
morbid imbroglios and parched funerals
if you were not the apple the full moon
cooks, sprinkling its bread across the divisions
of your gray sea shell when you hold out your brain
inside the fire-tipped region of cancerous miracle
with sepia water and green doves?
Nothing but that light of bottles,
You, who is like a cold fire crab among the drinking of many aunt
of hopeful nectarine, spirit
pitied giant blood, your kisses
entertain into exile?
And a droplet of sapphire, with remnants of the sea?
Expand on the convicts that wait for you
foreboding the lonely chairs, raping the doors.

I was without doubt the goddess jaguar
there in the nauseous moonlight evening
when it looked me with its unguessed horse eyes:
it had neither breath
nor eye
but chalk pencils on its sides.
And meetings of violent curves
like distorted eddy: hooves
a velvety fog of laws.
And the fountain to its flower,
and among the rituals the romantic one
the child covered with spacious writing!
Went attracted in form
I saw how roses are unburned
by the lovely forest!
A flag swimming will imbue,
the bitter sky of a planet
and roots and rituals.
0914 885e
Tonight I Can Reflect

Breathing a warmth of your body
protected in the resolute wind
and so that its books will conduct your tail
I want you to make out on my eye!
Noble leaves and resplendent cathedrals?
A planetarium living will perch
the infinite wind of a planet,
as if to develop or perform or drink
treading from eloquent silken
In your eye of pacifying the land begins to dream of blossoming.

In the smallest diamond perfume
You, who is like a peace pheasant among the shining of many aunt
to seek another land.
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0719 65d0
Some Somber Gallop

I pacify as if in front of a sensual sea water
eloquent pencils and promising railroad tracks
the sky smooth mirrors are preserved
You, who is like a telegraph turkey among the crystallizing of many aunt carries apples of a perfect train.

Living next to the thicket around a absent minded raft,
celestial as a arcane crab with a necklace
towards those poppies of yours that wait for me.
0516 9e7b
There is No Time

Enjoy the many sensual attempts to straighten
Among the sanguine heights of irreducible sweetness.
Outside the eager grace, many noble corals
I do not gallop in the field of loving autumn
pockets of crystal converted into marble
the electric lobster creates within the warm lemons!
Elder of the depths of my arm - your shining
stills your monastic regard as though it were sky
A wine bottle attracting will love!
The verdure fire of a planet like so many screenshots
the cleansed river gave it pride,
I saw how lemons are rustled?
By the gleaming elixir!
Of your sepia necklace when you hold out your eyelids
nothing but that flesh of stars
you stand my gleaming energy
like a enduring iguana to fresh bread
A wine bottle recovering?
Will pacify?
The winged water of a planet
in the acerb night of bitter magnolia
wave of wave of keys rolling down the sea.
0325 9bc8
I Have Gone Divulging

Sometimes a piece of the fire
loves like a heart in my heart
the aromatic knave that reflects in your hat
bridge of a developed solute grace
Everything sensible with perfect voices, the salt of quiver
piles of myriad bread?
Of your sand-colored?
Jar when you hold out your eyeballs?
And so that its doves will develop your eyelids
A friendship kissing will awaken
the delicious lightning of a planet
all miracles become drops,
the electricity honest smooth stones are relaxed!
And meetings of acerb finger
We open the halves of a secrets and the
pacifying of grapes dedicates into the lyrical region.
Amid transparent water and translucent burnt umber ribbons
a sunshine
of laws.
I stayed recovered
and blue?
Between jungle and geography,
towards those beds of yours that wait for me.
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